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Every Wednesday & Sunday evening, Calculate your total appointments booked, sat, and sold. Submit your numbers to remain in good standing and eligible for promotions.

Weekly Training Schedule

  • Monday & Thursday - "Live Dials" @ 8 AM Eastern Time / 7 AM Central Time
  • Saturday - "Team Call" Agency Wide Meeting @ 8 AM Eastern Time/ 7 AM Central Time
These meetings are all free training sessions led by agents who are currently producing $20k+. Take advantage and reach up.
Contracting Resources
How to Navigate the CRM

Visit to sign up and enroll your clients into our RX Discount Program. Make money anytime your client uses the Discount Card.

Insurance Carrier Directory

Click on the carrier name for full website
American Amicable: 1.800.736.7311
AIG: 1.800.677.3311
Americo: 1.800.231.0801
Assurant: 1.800.621.7162
Foresters: 1.866.466.7166
Gerber: 1.800.428.4947
John Hancock: 1.877.606.7779
TransAmerica: 1.877.234.4848
Royal Neighbors: 1.800.770.4561
Mutual of Omaha: 1.800.775.7896
Columbian Financial Group: 1.800.423.9765
Prosperity: 1.817.602.0901 (Jack Heller – FFL Rep)
Phoenix: 1.888.794.4447
Global Atlantic (Accordia): 1.855.887.4487
Athene (Annuities): 1.888.266.8489
Aetna: 1.866.272.6630
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Agency Directory
Telephone 📞 : (860) 839-3565  Mon - Fri (8 am to 5 pm Eastern Time)
Executive Vice President: Liz Brennan -
Contracting Coordinator: Maria Rodriguez -
Talent Acquisitionist: Dawn Brennan -
Agent Support: Flo Fonvil -
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